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Using a unique blend of traditional direct mail knowledge and experience with newer online strategies, GCD Writing and Marketing has the perfect combination you need to realize lasting business success.

Whether through a profitable Direct Mail Package or Email Campaign, through response-generating Copywriting, an effective Internet Marketing or Social Media Strategy, or a regularly updated Blog or Web Site, we can develop the solutions you need to soar!

Just give us a call at (202) 669-6048 or send us an e-mail. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs during a complimentary consultation.

What a few of our clients say about GCD

"I have had the pleasure of working with Gail Diggs for over 10 years and consider her among the direct mail industry’s greatest talents. She knows how to position products and write copy that sells, both online and offline, and to multiple market segments. Beyond the higher response that her clients will enjoy, anyone working with Gail becomes a stronger marketer thanks to her collaborative and educational style. If you haven’t already done so, hire her! Your business will quickly thank you."
Erica Bullard, Chief Marketing Officer, Healthy Directions, LLC

"Gail is one very few seasoned direct marketing copywriters and marketing strategists who are effectively blending old world print DM expertise with new world interactive, email, web, blogging, and social network marketing. Years of teaming with the top direct marketers in the nation and profitably mailing many tens of millions of pieces, infuse her interactive copywriting and strategies with time-tested, profit-boosting lessons that place her far ahead of other interactive marketing experts."
Ed Elliott, Creative Director, Consultant, Response Creative

"Gail Diggs is a pro’s pro for everything direct mail and direct marketing. She has a keen eye and great instincts for putting together attractive, appealing letters and packages that sell. Whether enhancing the effectiveness of some of the best promotional copywriters on the planet, or creating the copy herself, Gail knows how to attract customers and keep them engaged all the way through the order form. She’s one of the few direct marketing professionals who has been equally successful in both the investment realm and the world of health care and health products. She just has that rare knack for bringing ideas and people together to produce results."
Howie Present, Vice President, InvestorPlace Media